Dry Eye/Tears Brochure

Dry Eye, Watery Eyes, and
Intermittent Blurred Vision

Good tear quality and quantity are important to seeing clearly, and to your eyes feeling comfortable.  When they get dry they can burn, feel sandy, gritty, or like there is something in your eye.  Dry spots then cause reflexive, excessive tearing.  Poor tears can also cause blur, especially when reading, looking at a computer screen, driving, or watching TV.

It is important to not only have enough tears to keep your eye moist, but also to have good quality tears, and this means caring for your eyelid glands with some of the following suggestions.

Tips to improve your tear quality, clarity of vision, and make your eyes feel more comfortable.

  1. Drink plenty of water, not tea, soda, coffee, or juice.
  2. Eat extra healthy.Follow the anti-inflammatory diet (no red meat, dairy, bread or pasta made from white flour, refined sugar, or alcohol), and supplement with omega-3 fatty acids from fish or flax oil.
  3. Remember to blink, and not stare.
  4. Use warm compress: Heat up a clean wash cloth with hot water from the tap, wring it out, and hold it over your closed eyes.Reheat as necessary for 2 minutes, twice a day.This helps open up the glands that produce your tears.
  5. Baby shampoo massages:Gently massage along your eye lashes with a dab of baby shampoo on the corner of a wash cloth, and rinse well.This also helps open up the glands that produce your tears.Do this after the warm compresses twice a day.Continue the twice a day regiment for 2 weeks, then taper down to once a day for another 2 weeks.You will need to discover how many time a week you can wean down to and still feel good, and see clearly.
  6. Use artificial tears before your eyes start to feel dry or get blurry to prevent the "dry spots".Use the drops before the activity that causes symptoms (such as reading or driving), or simply use them at meal times to keep up a consistent level of moisture.
    • The best artificial tear for you depends on your body chemistry.You may have to try several brands to find one that works well for you.A good standard, and favorite are TheraTears brand.
    • New generation artificial tears contain lipids too: Retaine MGD, Refresh Optive Advance Preservative Free, Systane Balance, Soothe XP.
    • Single use vials are preferred because they contain no preservatives.
    • There are homeopathic drops available which help stimulate your body to produce better tears (Natural Ophthalmics and Similasan).
  7. Avoid environments which cause eyes to dry out (smoke, dust, air conditioning, defrosters in the car, drafts from fans).Protect your eyes from direct exposure to these, and use a humidifier as needed.
  8. Take breaks from reading, working on the computer, and watching TV, before your eyes dry out.
    If following these tips does not provide you with clear vision, and comfortable eyes, contact your eye doctor for further suggestions.